Morality is rooted in the character of God Essay

A Christian is a person who believes in God, His Son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. paper writing The name Christian was first referred to the disciples of Jesus Christ in Antioch when they seemed to behave and do things like Christ- actually the name means Christ like.


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Thus Christian character therefore, is the moral behavior of those who have a godly relationship thus doing what Christ did through commitment. Christian characteristics are therefore viewed worldly as the best traits to be portrayed by an ethical person. It is necessary for a Christian to be ready in being identified with Christ no matter the cost as the reward is great – eternal life. plagiarism checker The following is a discussion of the Christian characteristics in relation to my belief (Zigarell, 2002).

An ethical person should be honest. does edubirdie really work This character is shown when one becomes open to others while taking on the right things, thus earning their trust by being truthful. Humility character is also important where one does things without pride. This promotes submissiveness in that one becomes teachable. cara membuat kesimpulan di edubirdie Through it, it is then possible to confess our sins and mistake and ask for the forgiveness from God and among ourselves, at the same time arrogance is minimized.

Since no man is perfect every person should portray this character where people should forgive each other. From Christian perspective everybody was born a sinner but one receives forgiveness from God and just as God forgives, then we should forgive one another. edubirdie pricing Forgiving helps to ignore the wrong things while embracing what is good and enhancing a good relationship (Zigarell, 2002).

Self control character helps one to restrain himself from doing the wrong things which would in turn hurt others. eddiebird Through it one shows the discipline nature in him of which in Christian perspective, it’s one of review the fruit of the Holy Spirit that ought to be practiced by all. Loving character is one of the greatest behaviors an ethical person can show.

Through it one is able to appreciate others at the same time accommodate them in to ones life thus meeting their needs. In Christianity the character is divided into two aspects where one should exercise the love to God and to man, just as Christ grouped the Ten Commandments in to two (Zigarell, 2002).

We all ought to be peacemakers thus a peaceful character is important in the daily life. essay bird Christians believe that peace is giving way to God’s control as He holds all peace by Himself. As a result of God’s peace, it is therefore possible to retain peace with each other. edubirdie cancel order The fact is without peace within oneself, it is hard to be in peace with others (Peabody, 2008).


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We are all not equal on bases of knowledge and wealth where there is a need give what one has to them that don’t have. In Christian teachings one should generously give to the poor just the way God has blessed each one abundantly, the creator of all. is au.edubirdie safe There are different positions and authorities where it necessitates submitting to them through obedience.

In Christianity God requires one to obey His command while at the same time obeying others. Everybody regardless of the position always desires to RAPIDESSAY REVIEW be respected. edubirdie paper writing An ethical person should show respect to all even when the personality is not like his. Christians believe in first respect to God then to others as He is the creator of them all (Peabody, 2008).

In conclusion, Christian characteristics are a representation of the personalities that every ethical person should have. edubirdie plagiarism reviews One may not belong to the same faith but the fact is the characters are good for all.

The above Christian beliefs do not differ with what I belief. uk edu birdie a real website I being a Christian then I do acknowledge them at the same time try to practice them all. They are just a small number of the characteristics as there are many others such as justice, commitment, hospitality, loyalty, mercifulness just to mention a few. Morality therefore is rooted in God’s character (Zigarell, 2002).


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